... a writer, actor, director, political organizer, and American Sign Language interpreter. (I've interpreted for three presidents, two Broadway shows, and one Beatle.) In December of 2006, I launched one of the first grassroots groups in support of Barack Obama for president. A month later, he declared his candidacy, which was a huge help to our organization. In these various careers, I have organized events large and small, from film shoots to 1000-person election night phone banks.  I know how to begin with a challenge, and then marshal the people, resources, strategies, and tactics to get the work done. I have lived in Mar Vista for three years, and on the West Side for 10 years, after (blissfully) relocating from New York City. I hope to join the Community Council in order to learn more, help my neighbors, and show my sons that an important part of living in a community is giving back to it.