My work in the entertainment industry, as a political organizer, and as an American Sign Language interpreter combines a love of storytelling with an expertise in managing staff and coordinating large scale projects. In these myriad settings, my ability to think and act quickly and efficiently has enabled me to find success directing actors, training volunteers, and even interpreting for the President of the United States.

I have two feature films to my credit, both produced by Hyphenate Films, of which I am a founding member.  I starred in their first feature, CONVENTIONEERS, which won the John Cassavettes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards.  I then wrote, directed co-starred in and edited the feature horror film READY OR NOT.  As of this writing, in mid-2016, I have just been hired to edit a new independent feature comedy.

From 2010 to 2014, I worked for the CBS show How I Met Your Mother as the New Media Director where I produced and coordinated online content, social media, and DVD special features, while also hosting the official podcast (with over 4 million downloads to date). With the show produced by 20th Century Fox and airing on CBS TV, my job involved coordinating among executives, writers, publicists, technicians, designers and lawyers at two major companies. Navigating those relationships while also bringing in my own creative vision taught me how to manage complex projects quickly and efficiently, with the commitment to excellence demanded by the creators of a successful network TV show.

As a political organizer during the Barack Obama presidential campaigns, I founded and ran grassroots groups, recruited and trained volunteers, supervised phone banks and door-to-door canvasses, developed training manuals and data management systems, hosted fundraisers, and made campaign speeches. This incredible experience taught me how to manage large groups of staff and volunteers while also emphasizing the importance of combing hard data with pure instinct when developing and implementing projects.

Finally, I am an American Sign Language interpreter, certified at the highest level (“NIC-Master”). I’ve worked in legal settings, universities, hospitals, businesses, shelters, and have interpreted for three presidents, two Broadway shows, and one Beatle (Paul). The skills required to translate between two languages on the fly, with no preparation, and no margin for error are directly transferrable to work in any field that demands quick thinking, a depth and breadth of knowledge across a variety of subjects, informed decision-making, confidence, and above all, creativity.